Backstage at the Brian Reyes Spring 2010 presentation I introduced myself to Becki Newton.

Her eyes widen as she asked “You’re the one who shows everyone one the red carpet That’s you? Oh my god.”

I started to search through my memory bank wondering if I had said anything bad about Becki, but I assured myself that I hadn’t and she continued, “Oh my god, you do such a great job.”

She introduced me to her stylist Annie, who also works at Elle, as Becki informed me that she introduced Annie to my blog. Annie told me that everyone in her office reads my blog.

Wow. My mind was blown. It was a real OMG moment.

Becki had said to Annie that my blog is a good way of tracking what everyone else is wearing.

Just when I thought she couldn’t compliment me anymore Becki said, “We love you. Do you understand that it’s the go to reference, you do an absolutely great job.”

“It’s dignified, but it still has humour which I really like because it’s funny, you don’t take it too seriously.”

With a twinkle in her eye she said, “Even when you’re not feeling it, you’re usually right…even when it’s me, so great job.

Whilst I was picking my jaw off the floor from her glowing praise, I asked Becki about her personal style as she seems to have fun on the red carpet and doesn’t take herself too seriously.

She agreed “As times gone by I’m having more fun, it used to be a separate uniform for the red carpet, then when I go out and have fun with my friends I would take it all off and wear something more normal. Now it’s sort of blending together and more laid back, but still a bit lady like which is why Brian Reyes is so perfect”.

But I also really like to have fun. I’m not really scared what people say, as I wanna feel good whatever I’m in.”

I complimented her Jimmy Choo’s to which she thanked me and informed me that she had worn them, plus her leather jacket with everything that week.

She also talked about her love for waistcoats informing me that she had a collection of them.

During New York Fashion Week Becki was front row at Altuzarra and Boy Band of Outsiders.

Rag & Bone really impressed Becki. She thinks designers David Neville and Marcus Wainwright are really cool. “It’s great stuff you can wear both on and off the red carpet.”

Preen was also another show Becki attended and it appeared to be her favourite show as she said she LOVED it. “I feel like more people should wear Preen on the red carpet.”

“The pieces are an event in itself, you don’t have to clunk it up with a bunch of other stuff.”

She also attended Jason Wu show saying with a huge smile “It was the best hour of my life.”

My camera blows, but she looks so cute in the picture.