Who Wore Balmain Better? Shakira or Pink

After sparkling in a pair of Balmain heels in her ‘She Wolf’ video I was not particularly surprised when I saw Sharkira arrive at the MTV Music Awards tonight wearing a sparkling Balmain strapless studded leather dress.

SHOCKINGLY Pink arrived on a fire truck wearing the SAME DRESS.

Can you believe it?

Someone is getting fired tomorrow.

The two ladies saw the funny side luckily, as they posed together on the red carpet.

Shakira wore her dress with thigh-high boots, whilst Pink wore black patent heels.

Shakira wins this for me.

Credit: Style.com & Wireimage

20 thoughts on “Who Wore Balmain Better? Shakira or Pink

  1. denise

    HATE the boots, but also hate the Trib Two’s or whatever they are, so Shakira totally wins this for me, no contest.

  2. Amanda

    Oh, hell no!!!!!!!!!! But, at least they’re being good sports about it. Someone at Balmain is getting fired lol… Shakira looks amazingggggggg, beyong words.

  3. AJoanna

    Not a huge fan of thigh high boots, but Shakira looks totally gorgeous in her dress. Not even a contest. She wins. And am I the only one who noticed how lovely her hair looks?

  4. doc

    Shakira’s legs look better but I think she is wearing stockings which has a smoothing effect. Same dress on the red carpet????? I swear I would have never let it happen to me. I would have either ran to whatever store was close by and bought the first decent thing I saw. Either that or I would have ripped that dress off the other girl and tied her up in the back for the remainder of the show.

  5. justme

    I like the ladies’ reactions to it. Good sports.

    That’s one ugly Balmain dress tbh lol. But Shakira fills it more & I kinda like her boots so she wins.

  6. There

    Well really, let this be a lesson learnt for the people who keep wearing Balmain too much. It has calmed down for a while, but just wait until the new collection this season is unveiled.

  7. Jenny

    Further proof that there needs to be more creativity on the red carpet. If I were a celebrity, I’d be choosing more obscure designers!

  8. Ally

    Oh man, someone is just lucky that they didn’t do this to a true diva like J-Lo or something. Heads would have rolled, weaves wouldn’t have survived right there on the red carpet!

    Is anyone else missing Shakira’s curly hair? :(

  9. Parvati

    OMG, I was just looking at photos from the VMAs and I see Pink in this Balmain dress and the next second, I see Shakira wearing it, too!!! Now, that was bad! But it’s good to see that they saw the funny side and posed together! Anyway, I prefer Shakira in this dress!

  10. robbie

    neither get my vote, the thigh high boots *yawn* and dress on shakire make her look like a high class hooker, on pink it is very rocker chic! my vote goes to someone who isnt an option, my vote goes to kylie (i know predictable) but i think kylie made the dress look classy, well as classy as a leather dress with chains can be, plus she looks sexy!!!!!


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