Runway To The Tonight Show With Conan O’Brien – Jennifer Connelly In Phi

InStyle UK’s October 2009 cover girl Jennifer Connelly was on “The Tonight Show With Conan O’Brien” last Friday.

On the show Jennifer talked about her tan, her haunted Brooklyn home and her new animated movie “9″.

The Balenciaga Fall 2009 campaign girl wasn’t wearing any pieces from that collection, instead she wore a Phi Fall 2009 sequin embroidered dress paired with the runway booties, but without the long leather runway gloves.

I love the edginess of the look, which Jennifer always manages to pull off.

The look is typically Jennifer – effortless and not forced.

Being the human equivalent of magpie, I love the way it sparkles.


8 thoughts on “Runway To The Tonight Show With Conan O’Brien – Jennifer Connelly In Phi

  1. Vera

    I am sorry, but she looks cheap, or as she has just finished her training and did not have time to change her jym suit.

    She is MADE for chic luxury couture.

  2. sydneycheapchic

    Sorry but i don’t like it.. it looks like some kind of a super hero costume .. BUT she’s beautiful!

  3. whitestroke

    As it’s always the case with Lily Donaldson’s unflattering body, everything looks way better on others. Including this. I’m not into sequins that much, but I was surprised to see it looks quite flattering on Jennifer, as opposed to looking all wonky on the runway.

  4. Ally

    I very rarely watch Conan, but I was visiting family this weekend and we had just gotten in when the show came on. This dress was terrifying on TV. She looked like Rebecca Romain’s character from the X-men movie (i.e., like her outfit was painted on).


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