Some of you have commented on previous Dita von Teese post that you are bored of her, mostly because her hair and make-up are always the same.

I will never tire of Dita.

She gives us perfection from the top of her head to the tip of her well-manicure big toe.

Just when you are expecting another black structured dress, she arrives at this event in a Fendi Spring 2009 nude dress covered in floral appliqués.

I was not at all fond of the Fendi Spring 2009 collection, but Dita’s dress has been modified to suit her sensual style.

The extra layer under the dress has been removed to become a shorter dress, with a deep plunging neckline showing even more of her milky skin.

Her look is complete with red lips, red nails, watermelon satin heels and a matching floral Fendi clutch.

She’s definitely up for Best Dressed this week, as she gives us the romance of summer dressing when so many are already wearing Fall pieces.