The 66th International Venice Film Festival – Opening Ceremony and “Baaria” Premiere

Oh my I totally forgot that the Venice Film Festival was due to start yesterday, so imagine my delight to see Eva Mendes glowing on the red carpet last night for the opening ceremony.

The actress appears to be make-up free wearing a strapless Dolce & Gabbana Resort 2010 red leopard print gown.

It’s a bold choice. I’m not the biggest fan of animal print on the red carpet, but the red really works for me.

In the long shot I thought Eva was wearing sunglasses on the top of her head, but the close up shows she’s actually wearing black head piece adorned with black stones.

The actress is in town to promote her new movie, “Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans”, which co-stars Nicholas Cage and Val Kilmer.

Hopefully we will see more of her.

Afef Jnifen always seems to be on the red carpet at these types of events, but I’ve never known what she does.

What she does becomes irrelevant when she walks the red carpet looking this spectacular.

Afef wore a one-shouldered lilac Versace gown embellished on the shoulder and around the bodice.

The detail I love the most is the gathering around her hips. It really gives her a stunning silhouette.

Actress Maria Grazia Cucinotta wore a plunging vibrant blue Roberto Cavalli gown.  We are seeing of this colour on the red carpet and I love it.

The dress is gorgeous with it’s colour and pleated details.

Her look is paired with some exquisite jewels.

Salma Hayek eat your heart out.

Actress Sandrine Bonnaire is also one of the jury members of this festival.

She paired a stunning pair of diamante t-bar heels to complement the diamante strap detail on her white flowing asymmetrical Roberto Cavalli gown.

A silver clutch and diamond earrings completes this beautiful look.

I want to start off my saying I really dislike tattoos.

Italian TV presenter Simona Ventura’s black DSquared gown is all business and that front and party at the back.

It’s like she specially picked this gown to show off her tattoos.

The only thing I like here is her feathered Roger Vivier clutch.

Credit: Wireimage

39 thoughts on “The 66th International Venice Film Festival – Opening Ceremony and “Baaria” Premiere

  1. Cleopatra

    i think eva is achieving a ‘makeup free’ look using make up. looks like there’s a foundation there, slight blush and some kind of subtle liner on the eyes and lips.
    i am disappointed. i love her usually but the dress is naf and the headpiece looks a little demented. maria grazia is a knock out though i wonder if those are real ( :

  2. Terry

    Simona Ventura has proven she’s one of the tackiest Italian tv personalities. I HATE the dress and the hairstyle, not to mention the super-botoxed face :(

  3. Dorian Gray

    Cucinotta’s blue dress is a Roberto Cavalli creation (and I think Afef’s too). Afef is a L’Oreal face, wife of Marco Tronchetti Provera (an important manufacturer and owner of Thelecom Italia, the nation telephone company) , she sometimes writes on Vanity Fair Italia and hosted a fashion tv show years ago called “Nonsolomoda”, she a good Cavalli and Elton John’s friend.

    I’d like to see others italians that walked the red carpet yesterday…

    ps. what do u think of the new Victoria Beckham’s Elle cover?
    pps. THANKS for this post!

  4. Federica

    I’m italian and I know for sure Maria Grazia Cucinotta’s breasts are real, but I do not appreciate her so much. I think her breast is the only thng that makes her special and she must show it if she wants to stad out. so,her dress is very predictable. instead i do really love afef. she’s a former model and she’s married with marco troncheti provera, CEO of Pirelli Group. her dress is gorgeous and i don’t know what’s best: colour,shape or the decorations. do you know who designed it?

  5. Gasp

    Afef is an ex-model/actress and, expecially, the wife of Tronchetti Provera, one of the biggest italian businessman.. She’s simply amazing! Sooo beautiful!
    I hate Simona’s tatoos, even if I love her as a presenter! The crown was made over another tatoo, linked to her failed marriage.. She also has the initials of the names of her sons on the ankle..

  6. Adrien

    Afef Jnifen looks absolutely stunning!
    Do you know who is the dress from FC?
    Hope she is gonna be up for best dressed this week!
    Maria Grazia’s boobs look squared, so I “think” they re not real Cleopatra…

  7. Mimi

    They all look a bit ravaged somehow. Maria Grazia Cucinotta’s cleavage just looks vulgar. I love Sandrine Bonnaire’s dress, but my how she’s aged. I remember seeing her in a film years ago as a fresh young thing. Makes me feel old. As for Simona Ventura, just yuk!

  8. Cristine

    I’m Italian and Maria’s boobs are real,she’s famous for them!
    Afef and Maria’s gowns are stunning,leopard red print for Eva?really?
    and Simona Ventura was the italian xfactor presenter, now she present an italian football programme..
    I think she really loves D&G btw..

  9. Lexa

    Afef looks stunning.
    BTW. Could you feature some others that came to the Baaria premiere like actress Margareth Made – her look was sensational – very delicate and elegant.

  10. martdip

    i don’t like eva mendes in this leopard red dress,i think is a commonplace dress,the hair are a little bit ugly,i don’t like the headband,and finally i think that the make-up is dusty and wasn’t able to enhance the latin beauty of eva

  11. Alice[*]

    Simona is not a chic woman,I’m Italian and I know her outfits.
    Instead Afef is a beautiful woman with class and elegance.
    Eva shines with that D&G,I really like this one.I’m usually not a fan of leopard print.
    Maria’s boobs are real,she made her career with them.I like the colour’s dress,so vibrant!
    And,ono more thing:it’s really weird to see these Italian women here,ahah,but it’s also nice =D

  12. martdip

    i like the versace gown that afef wears,but i find her look usual especially about the hair.i like also the gown dressed by mariagrazia cucinotta,but i find this dress a little bit obliged.nothing to say about sandrine bonnaire look,simple,elegant and sophisticated.i don’t like finally simona ventura,i think that the dress make her more fat and don’t enhance her

  13. Bego

    I love Maria Grazia’s dress, specially the colour.
    By the way FC, your website appears mentioned in the September issue of the Spanish Elle magazine (well, actually on an extra magazine which comes along this month called ‘Elle Fashion Book’) They talk about 7 fashion websites and yours appears as number 2! well, i don’t know if you already knew about this, but just in case :)

    1. Fashion Critic Post author

      OMG…that is amazing.

      I’m going to have to look out for it.

      Thanks for letting me know.

      1. Bego

        i can send you a scan of the page if you cant find the magazine, if you want me to, i just don’t know where exactly should i email it…

  14. Louisa

    I wonder if the no-make-up look on Eva was intended to counteract against her red, animal print dress! They might have been trying to play down a look which has the potential to look a bit tacky. Having said that, I think the dress looks wonderful on her and I would have liked a bit more make up on her as it was a red carpet event!!

    I loved seeing how all of these beautiful Italian women were dressed and made up for this special event. FC thanks again for posting on something which (at least in Australia) is not as easy to come by as the Hollywood and British red carpet events!!

  15. Hilary

    I wonder if Eva Mendes had an allergic reaction underneath her eyes..Mine go like that when they’re irritated.

  16. Talita

    Eva is gorgeous but the make-up is not working. She really looks like she just woke-up. The dress is not my favorite as I don’t think red leopard is flattering.

  17. zoe

    wow! all of these ladies look beautiful!
    i’m on the fence with eva though. t first i loved the look and then the more i stared at it i started going…hmmm??
    afef is so beautiful. wow! in the close up picture she looks kind of cocky, but then again she knows she looks beautiful so i guess that’s a good thing?
    and whoawhoawhoa maria is sooo well endowed. almost too much. are those hers? ANYWAY, she looks dazzling. i bet men follow her around everywhere she goes.
    sandrine bonnaire looks so cute and well put together! <3 her. lookin good!
    simona looks pretty good too. the tattos don’t look good and her overly baked back is kind of strange, and i’m not liking the side boob exposure, but she does look ok and i like her smile!

  18. eimear

    EVA MENDES looks AMAAAAAZING! That red cheetah print is unbeliveably gorgeous and I actually love her undone make up look, kinda sexy bedhead.. loooves it.
    My Best Dressed of the week without a shadow of a doubt.. I dont even need to look at anyone else!

  19. Flixer

    Urgh!! Simona’s twins really needed more support. I don’t like the way they seem out of place in that dress. Then again, the poor dress is probably feeling out of place on her!!

  20. eclair

    I don’t mean to offend, but after the dazzling, elegant, beautiful lineup at the Huabiao Film Awards, everybody here looks vulgar, vulgar, vulgar.

  21. Dorian Gray

    Sandrine Bonnaire’s dress is Roberto Cavali while Ventura’s one is Dsquared (according to There was even Silvia Toffanin with her famous boyfriend Piersilvio Berlusconi (the son of Silvia, sigh!) in a white Versace dress.


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