Lily Allen graces the cover of Elle UK’s October 2009 issue, which has been dubbed “The London Issue”.

With the “London” theme in mind Lily was dressed in amazing clothes all by British designers including Louise Goldin, Giles, Preen and Burberry. All of which had been specifically made for her.

In Rankin’s shoot she wears both a black and blonde wig. The hairstylist on the shoot said that they were going for a Debbie Harry kinda vibe, but I see Courtney Love.

On being famous: “I get quite shy and embarrassed, actually. Yes, I think I am [shy], actually. I get embarrassed when people come up and ask for autographs. I think people expect you to have a certain sense of decorum, but I almost find it like being a nursery teacher, having to be nice to people all the time. I haven’t got a problem with that, but I think people expect you to know how to deal with s**t.

On becoming jealous when another female singer is played on the radio: “I get pangs of jealousy when I hear people like radio presenters getting really excited about new music. I kind of feel like, ‘Oh, I’m just fading’. I don’t feel I am in competition with all the other girls. I really feel this is the year of the girl, with La Roux and Little Boots and Florence [Welch of Florence & the Machine].”

On her love life: “It’s good…it’s very good, I’m very happy. I’m not talking about it any more. Some things are not for public consumption, just don’t want it to be ruined.”

The issue goes on sale September 2.

Credit: Elle UK & Daily Mail