DazedDigital.com will be previewing the UK exclusive of Victoria Beckham’s second film for her Fall 2009 collection.

“Swings” features eight models wearing slimline dresses from the Fall 2009 collection.

Watch the full film on Sunday at 3pm UK time on DazedDigital.com

The film was directed by Mat Jerrett and produced by 19 Entertainment.

Update: Just found it on YouTube and all I can say is “Ehhh? I don’t get it”, and I used to work in advertising.

Barbara & AnaA have concluded that the ad refers to Victoria being an icon who is followed.

She’s the one who is in front of a line that follows a rhythm, like she is the Director of an orchestra of style, and that orchestra is composed of regular English girls, each in their houses, one even waiting for the bus.

Victoria is the leader and the rest follow, but at the same time saying, “I’m like you, a girl next door. I wear these clothes, but they also belong to you”.

Thanks ladies, just goes to show I was more interested in fashion than advertising.

Credit: PacificCoastNews