Anna Wintour On The Late Show With David Letterman Wearing Carolina Herrera

Anna Wintour appeared on “The Late Show with David Letterman” last night in the US to promote her documentary “The September Issue”.

I love how Anna arrived on the stage wearing her signature shades with a gorgeous black and white floral Carolina Herrera Resort 2010 dress, with her favourite nude shoes.

David doesn’t give Anna an easy ride as during the interview, as he asks her about her reputation and “The Devils Wears Prada” movie.

When asked if she really was as cold as the Miranda Priestly in “The Devil Wears Prada” she replied, “I seem to remember that the movie was fiction. We really like fiction at Vogue”.

When asked about her reputation Anna replied, “Well, I’m very decisive and I try and give very clear direction to the people that I’m working with, and sometimes, unfortunately, they don’t hear the answer that they would like to hear.”

He later asks her if she’s ever put anyone in a headlock. “Maybe you?,” Wintour shot back, sending the audience into fits of laughter.

I enjoyed the interview, I was surprised at the good humour in which she took David’s question and comments.

“The September Issue” hits theaters in New York on August 28, and select cities on September 11.

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24 thoughts on “Anna Wintour On The Late Show With David Letterman Wearing Carolina Herrera

  1. christian

    she was really good, i enjoyed it too.

    she was sharp and on point and i think she was enjoying it herself. just a little bit :D

    and she looked impeccable, loved the dress and the shades. but i’m glad she removed them.

  2. robbie

    she looked amazing, but she looked really uncomfortable a little bit during the interview. david letterman seems to think he is funny but he really isnt. i did love that she mentioned his socks, seriously why do guys wear white socks with black shoes and trousers, its really weird.

  3. Elena

    She really looked amazing and comfortable with the questions.
    I really loved the answer she gave about the fashion budgets “you can buy a lipstick!”

    1. Fashion Critic Post author

      Me too. Had she said buy a dress from Topshop or Forever21 I would have been shocked.

  4. 00o00

    there’s something very alluring about anna. and she’s so quick witted.

    love this interview, i can’t wait for the movie to arrive in UK. orange wednesdays, hello!

  5. Mimi

    Anna Wintour lives in a bubble separated from the real world. She does seem icy, but I was finding it hard to imagine her being a really tough boss. I wonder if she ever relaxes and just enjoys herself without being 100% concerned with her image. I wouldn’t like to be her!

  6. Yasmine

    she’s very entertaining!

    and i also loooooved her “lipstick” answer, its clear that she hates anything less than luxury and she totally owns up to it lol

    can’t wait for the documentary!

  7. LeeAnn

    Can you please track down this dress as I love it-must be resort or spring 2010 . i would think Erdem except for the black white colour.

  8. kry

    she’s amazing!!! and in her own way too! no1 else can be like her..
    does any1 knw when the movie’s releasing in the UK??

  9. Aideen

    I love Anna, saw the film the other day (i’m in melbourne & it opened on last thurs) its great, some very funny scenes and she’s demands colour in clothes, sounds like you FC!

    1. Fashion Critic Post author

      I know I read that somewhere too. :)

      A woman after my own heart. We should do brunch and talk about our hatred of black ensembles.

      1. Aideen

        Can i be a fly on the wall?! I wont spoil it for you but theres one great scene with her and a designer about colour, fantastic! You’ll have to do a discussion post about the film after you see it!

  10. zoe

    thanks for posting this, i didn’t get to watch it on tv. anna has a really good sense of humor :) she was definitely funnier than david letterman!

  11. Leslie

    Actually, Anna wore this Carolina Herrera dress before at the CFDA 2009 awards and various blogs already ID the dress.


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