Alexa Chung’s debut MTV show “It’s On with Alexa Chung” has been re-commissioned for a second series only three months after the show first aired.

Ratings have tripled since the show first started in May and Alexa has been attracting A-list stars such as Cameron Diaz, Diane Kruger, Jack Black, Adam Sandler, P Diddy and Blink 182 to her sofa every week.

Alexa appears to have an obsession with wearing black ankle boots with everything, because she paired them with her denim shorts and red striped Marc Jacobs Resort 2010 top, which has a floral detail on the shoulder.

British stylists Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine of BBC’s “What Not To Wear” fame, were on her show yesterday and I hope they tried to smarten up Alexa, or at least direct her to the nearest salon.

Trinny and Susannah were there to promote their new six-part series “Making Over America with Trinny and Susannah”.

They’ll travel from state to state, armed with their no holds barred opinions, a healthy dose of tough love and a special box of tricks.  Their quest is to help American women look and feel better about their bodies.

“Making Over America with Trinny and Susannah” airs tonight in the US on TLC at 10pm ET/PT.

Credit: & London Features