Before yesterday I hadn’t even heard of Jenna Elfman, so her wearing the same Lanvin Pre-Fall 2009 dress as Charlize Theron to the “CBS, CW And Showtime All-Star Party” has definitely put her on the map, which was probably the intention.

Jenna wore her gold metallic dress with black peep-toes and without the runway belt.

Charlize had worn the dress months earlier to the “The Burning Plain” Paris premiere at the Publicis Champs Elysees with black pumps.

If you look at the necklines you will see that the knotted detail appears on opposite shoulders.

This may explain why there is so much material on front of Jenna’s dress – she’s worn it the dress back to front, or maybe it’s a Bebe knock-off.

I don’t think you need to wonder. Charlize wins this for me.

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