This post follows my first Amanda Bynes post back in July 2007 titled The Never Changing Hairstyle Of Amanda Bynes, which still hasn’t changed.

Recently when Amanda Bynes walked the red carpet it became clear that she had developed another pattern – only wearing head-to-toe black.

Amanda should be experimenting, taking risks and giving us something to ooohhh and aaah about.  Instead she gives us the same colour by numbers formula without ever colouring over the lines.

Her style is completely one dimensional – above the knee dresses, and her colour palette is predictably black or various shades of pink.

It’s believed that Bynes doesn’t have a stylist and I think her looks support that.

Many of you will argue that I moan when Rihanna over does it and moan when Bynes plays it safe, but at least Rihanna keeps things interesting no matter how hard she tries.

I’ll take an over-the-top look with shades at night, over another LBD with a black clutch and YSL Trib Two’s any day of the week.

Credit: Wireimage