Who Wore Herve Leger Better? Heather Graham or Elle MacPherson

Heather Graham hosted “Vegas Magazine’s Sixth Anniversary” celebrations in Las Vegas back in May.

She looked drop-dead gorgeous wearing a one-shouldered Herve Leger Camille beaded dress from the Spring 2009 collection with her favorite Jimmy Choo gold Flynn sandals and a matching bag.

Elle Macpherson showed that their is still plenty of life left in her supermodel status, by wearing the same super-short dress with blush pink Christian Louboutin peep-toe platforms at the launch of the new Jaguar XJ at the Saatchi Gallery in London earlier this month.

As much as Elle ‘The Body’ Macpherson looks good in her dress, I much prefer Heather’s hair and Choo’s, so she wins this for me.

Credit: Style.com & Wireimage

9 thoughts on “Who Wore Herve Leger Better? Heather Graham or Elle MacPherson

  1. Gaber

    Despite her boobs looking a promo for a horror movie, the shoes and the hair really are in a different league than Elle’s.

  2. ben

    is it just me or are elle’s shoe’s just a little off colour in comparison to the dress? i voted for heather.

  3. danielezka

    Elle’s shoes look heavy and they they don’t quite match with the dress… so heather wins for me.

  4. VBlover

    I agree that Heather’s accessories are much better, but her saggie ta-ta’s just ruined it for me, so I voted for Elle.

  5. jill

    Altho for me it was a close call – I can’t see any difference in their hair – I voted for Heather because altho I’m naturally tan, these days I like the look of pale nude/beige on paler skin, and sorry, Heather’s is paler.

    I do love Elle’s shoes tho: I love a combination right now of pinks, beiges, and nudes, especially if they’re slightly different tones!

  6. LolaSvelt

    Elle, no doubt. Heather always chooses the worst accessories. The shoes look cheap when you pair it with this dress.

  7. Leti

    I just can’t get over Heather’s not wearing her most important accessory with that dress–a bra. Elle wins hands down.


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