Many of you have commented that Cheryl Cole’s look is very Victoria Beckham circa 2006.

While it’s easy to see how you came to that conclusion, Cheryl is very much trying to shake off that WAG image.

At the moment she is very fond of Alexander McQueen, and has been seen out and about wearing some interesting pieces.

Her looks have included:
- a colourfully cruel skull tee made up of humming birds.
- black tee with a contrast flesh insert at the front.
- a nude fringed dress with a sheer illusion at the front.
- an McQ Pre-Fall 2009 look with a McQ tassel-embellished leather belt.
- and a skeleton-print tunic.

As much as her looks are becoming edgier, the Victoria Beckham/WAG comparisons will not go away so long as she continues to sport that voluminous hair.

I would love to see her with dead straight hair once in a while or even cut it quite short to take her look to the next level.

Credit:, Fame Pictures, Wenn, McQ & Flynet