This is what happens when good clothes happen to people without stylist.

Former Bond girl Gemma Arterton held her engagement party with her Italian fiancée only known as Stefano, at “Sun & 13 Gantons” Brasserie in London this weekend.

She wore a red – or is it orange – Preen Spring 2009 dress which would be hard for many to pull off, and Gemma does herself no favours with those Britney-like ratty extensions and the dirty red pumps.

I love this dress. It has the tough girl elements on the bodice with the cut-out mesh panels, then it blends perfectly with the textured silk asymmetrical multi-tiered miniskirt.

The result is a dress with loads of fashion savvy and urban attitude.

In the right hands it would’ve been a sexy yet glamorous and sophisticated look.

On Gemma it’s a hot mess.

Credit: & Matrix/