Runway To Sidewalk – Rihanna In Gareth Pugh

Rihanna was seen out and about shopping in New York yesterday.

During the day she wore a simple oversized Helmut Lang white shirt showing her bright orange bra, with denim shorts, white loafers and an Alexander Wang Denim Leather Brenda zip bag.

At night she transformed into an edgier look wearing a fitted white and black detailed jacket Gareth Pugh’s Spring 2009 collection with a black mini-skirt, and white gloves as she headed out to the Rose Bar at Gramercy Park Hotel.

Her look was completed with sunglasses – yes at night – and black Christian Louboutin heels.

I love this look minus the gloves. Rihanna is back.

A few weeks ago I feel she would have worn the WHOLE runway look, but she appears to have calmed down the extremes.

Her look is still edgy but less in your face.

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  • Kim

    I like it!

  • bobrossafro

    Everyone talks about Rihanna as though she created the outfit. Can we please talk about the stylist? Editor: can you make a note as to who the stylist is in the bottom of the post? I remember Lindsay Lohan being especially fashionable at one time. It wasn’t her, Wasnt she was dressed by someone? It would be nice to see the influences, trends, and commonalities that occur with the folks that dress the celebs in addition to the celebs themselves.

  • mol

    I agree with Leo, Rihanna seems staged and pretentious, often in a mystifyingly random way. This can be compared to the more cohesive look of Lady Gaga (this is in response to Uhuru, who feels she is trying too hard). It seems to me that Lady Gaga is referencing the Surrealists from the 30’s (in a way not that different from the fashion great Isabella Blow), and that her aesthetic is also influenced by Andy Warhol’s ideas on celebrity and fame. Gaga plays her part well and with specific intention, and personally, i find her to be awesome compared the overcooked pop star look of Rihanna.

    • Pen Pen

      Well said 🙂

  • Her hair is looking better…

  • love-fashion

    uhm…she does not look great,she looks off.

  • Chiara Popalopa

    Yeah I think the white gloves might be a tribute! But a great look, really fierce!!! She made it work!

  • Megan

    too try hard!

  • Sara

    opps, “they complete the vibe”

  • Sara

    the zippers on the skirt behind are a bit odd. Not lovin that part of the look, but I really like everything else. I could go either way with the gloves. I’ve always thought of them being a bit silly, but the completely the vibe she’s trying to create.

  • Leo

    When I think of a parody of what a popstar is, I think of Rihanna. She is always overdressed and it seems so staged and pretensious. I can’t understand this look.

    • whitestroke

      Agreed. And I don’t think she’s an interesting/eccentric person enough to be forgiven. It’s just like a crazy outfit on an empty shell. I feel like R’n’B stars in general, like her, Beyonce and the like, are quite challenged by all the new faces on pop scene these days that are (re)introducing this kind of fashion-forward/structured/angular aesthetics, like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and such. They want to keep up with them, although they’d probably be better off within the style their scene was in the first place. For a very long time, since the early 90s, fashion wasn’t all that exciting. Now we’re suddenly in the phase of fashion becoming exciting again, and they’re all seem to be competing with one another who can look more insane.

      • whitestroke

        *THEY all seem to be…

  • zoe

    FIERCEEEEEE! the gloves are actually working for me.

    and you’re right. a couple of weeks ago she would have worn the whole runway look….and would have been a hot mess.

  • LolaSvelt

    I don’t like the gloves with the outfit. They look like oven mitts. Other than that, good outfit.

  • Willa

    She just looks so ridiculous all the time. With the gloves, and color coordinated sunglasses, wtf.

  • Iced Potato

    Without the gloves I would love it. This is the least kookiest I have seen Rhianna for a while and I like it. She looks very smart and futuristic at the same time.

  • Ally

    It would be so much better if she didn’t try too hard and ditched the glasses and gloves. As is, it looks like she is in costume.

  • danielezka

    What I like about Rihanna is that she can make a Gareth Pugh piece look wearable not only in the red carpet.
    And maybe the gloves are some kind of Michael Jackson tribute… ¿¡?!
    I mean… everything is a Michael Jackson tribute these days 😀

  • Parvati

    Wow, I really like this look! A Gareth Pugh creation on personal time and not on a red carpet event? That’s unusual but still, I think it’s the first time I see a celebrity wear something from Gareth Pugh and not looking weird. I love this jacket!

  • ahot

    She definitely has the right personnality for his designs! Not like other wannabe edgy-crazy-over-the-top-cool chicks… .

  • SarahV

    I still feel like she tries way too hard…

    • marvel

      Same for me!

    • uhuru

      No !Gaga tries too hard

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