“Haeundae” Press Conference

“Haeundae” is a disaster movie but there was nothing disastrous about what the two main stars wore to the press conference recently.

Ha Ji Won tucked her black pants into her open-toe booties, whilst wearing an edgy Givenchy Spring 2009 top which is embellished with large crystal details.

I love the runway look, but I appreciate that she’s tailored the top to suit her style and not be a slave to the runway look.

Uhm Jung Hwa opted for an off-white silk Lanvin Spring 2009 top with a black knit skirt.

The asymmetrical top is created from twisted fabric to form this stunning piece.

The only downside for me is the necklace.

The top has such an interesting neckline that the chunky necklace feels like it is in the way. Besides you can only see half of the necklace because the other half is covered by the top.

Thanks to Sue for the pictures

5 thoughts on ““Haeundae” Press Conference

  1. liana

    I actually really like the necklace. It’s interesting. Without it the look would have been somewhat boring.

  2. suejin

    It’s always interesting to see the runway original version and another modified look. At first I thought the necklace was a park of the top! lol!


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