Welcome to the new and improved Red Carpet Fashion Awards.

If you view the site via google reader, or via email, now’s the time to come and see the many changes I have made.

I’ve added a separate page called Shop Her Closet, so you can find where to purchase that cute blue playsuit which Blake Lively wore this week, amongst other celebrities clothes, shoes and accessories.

The Red Carpet Events page, is a quick guide to all the annual events, including the Oscars, the Emmy’s, and MTV Music Awards.

R1ma wished for Angelina Jolie to wear Versace at the “Inglourious Basterds” Cannes premiere, and got it right.

Which celebrity would you like to see wearing your favourite runway looks? Send me an email, and I will add it to Red Carpet Wish List.

Featured Event in the right column, will be updated to take you down memory, or allow you to catch up on an event you’ve missed.

If you agree or disagree with someone’s comment, a new feature will allow you to reply directly to their comment.

The search engine has been split between celebrities, designers and features, in order for you find things quicker, and the Most Popular section at the bottom, shows you what we’ve been gabbing about the most.

It’s been 4 months in the making, and it got pretty intense the last 2 weeks with working on the site, and keeping up with Cannes, but I hope you like it.

Best Dressed Of The Week will be announced, as usual, tomorrow.