Runway To "Air Doll" Premiere – Bae Doo-na In Christian Dior

Despite being the only woman at the Cannes Film Festival premiere of Air Doll this evening, Bae Doo-na had some competition on the red carpet.

Her male co-star Itsuji Itao, opted out of the standard black tuxedo, for a crisp white satin suit, which included white shoes, and a white dickie bow-tie.

Bae still managed to stand out, wearing a red strapless Christian Dior Spring 2008 gown, with a matching bejeweled clutch.

I loved that she kept her jewels simple, with just a handful of gold bracelets, and I love her YSL Fall 2008 bowl hair cut.

Earlier in the day, Bae attended a press conference for the movie, wearing a black dress, with black studded Steve Madden Boogle gladiator flats.

Hayden Panettiere & Eva Longoria have arrived in Cannes, so hopefully they will continue this great start to the film festival.

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11 thoughts on “Runway To "Air Doll" Premiere – Bae Doo-na In Christian Dior

  1. robbie

    that dior dress is nice, but not on bea. also her hair, just reminds me of bad bow cuts you see little kids with.

    the steve madden sandals are really nice.

  2. Leo

    Gisele wore the same dress I few weeks ago to some event, and the vision of her in that dress make this look not that great. I feel that she does not fill this.

  3. Anonymous

    The same Dior dress was worn by Aishwarya Rai at the India International Film Awards in 2008. She looked far better than Bae…the rich colour was dazzling on Aishwarya while it looks just ok on Bae.

  4. shomore

    This is a long delayed comment but…One of the reasons I love your blog so much is that you feature women of all races. It’s very refreshing and shows that women are beautiful regardless of their nationality. Bravo!

  5. Sue Jin

    Oh! Doona<3
    I dislike her bowl haircut but it looks great with that black dress, which I love on her.
    The Dior dress doesn't seem to fit her as well as I hoped it would have.

  6. SarahV

    I love the Steve Madden sandals! Tried them on, but for some reason I couldn’t get my foot in…so I bought similar ones with a zipper instead of a buckle!


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