Victoria Beckham was in Macy’s Herald Square yesterday, to unveil her new Emporio Armani ad campaign.

This was also an opportunity for her to meet her fans, after they had spent $85 on the underwear range she was promoting.

She was head-to-toe, in what’s now become her favourite colour – black, and we all know how I feel about people only wearing black. If not search under Jennifer Aniston.

Victoria was most notably wearing a jacket from the Emporio Armani Spring 2009 collection, with sequined outer shoulder pads, plus a shimmering skin-tight pants, and black satin Armani heels with a steel heel.

Her hair was the only thing not predictable about her look, as it had more shape and volume to it, than we’ve seen from her in a long time.

What’s very interesting about her jacket, is that a dress from her Fall 2009 collection has the very same sequined outer shoulder pads, which may explain why she picked it from the many pieces from the Emporio Armani collection.

Here is the picture from the campaign. Yes it’s heavily photoshopped, but this is to be expected.

I wish this campaign would have shown us the softer side of Victoria, instead we just get the same stern look she is always known for.

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