Runway To Costume Institute Gala Preview – Anna Wintour In Marc Jacobs

Here’s something we don’t see very often. Anna Wintour not wearing Prada or Marni.

As I said in my earlier post Marc Jacobs is the honorary chair of tonight’s “The Model as Muse: Embodying Fashion” Costume Institute Gala, with Anna Wintour as one of the co-chairs.

This afternoon they both attend the press preview of this event, with Anna wearing a Marc Jacobs Fall 2009 ensemble.

The look included paisley print top, with a black trim, and a modified skirt from the runway, because lets face it, Anna was never going to wear the presented skirt.

Apparently it’s raining in New York, so I hope they’ve made provisions to ensure the ladies don’t get wet in their gowns.

Rain drenched hems just break my heart.

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14 thoughts on “Runway To Costume Institute Gala Preview – Anna Wintour In Marc Jacobs


    i kinda hope that someone else will wear the presented skirt..

    anna let the magic of the skirt gone..
    but i must give two thumbs up for anna trying something other than prada

  2. Anonymous

    Anna wears other things besides Prada and Marni, she’s just usally seen at Major events in Parada or Marni. She was wear Balenciaga a while back..

  3. Anonymous

    Agree with SWANKY-D. We know that Anna wore other brands too. But i must admit that this look is boring although the outfits contains many color
    The main point is she’s so blah in here, esp her boots.

  4. Fashion Critic

    To Anonymous 21:03, of course she wears other designers, but its mostly wears Prada and Marni we know this as a fact.

    Just like Charlize Theron wears mostly Dior, but other designers…and Renee Zellweger wears Carolina Herrera…and other designers…..I could go on and on, but……

  5. Fashion Critic

    Jinx, I just posted this very article.

    I don’t blame him, I would have done the same

  6. Kris

    If she had worn that skirt the way it was presented, she would’ve looked like a fool. She’s a grown-ass woman and that skirt is just not age appropriate so she wore it the way she wanted to wear it–accommodating HER style.

  7. Fashion Critic

    Kris, of course she not going to wear the runway skirt, it was a tongue and cheek comment.

    I guess irony doesn’t translate.

  8. whitestroke

    Don’t get the boring comments. How can such a colorful outfit be boring? The top is especially cute and fun. I wish more young people would dress more like this. I just hate the boots, but it was a horrible day in New York, so she’s forgiven.

  9. Kris

    FC, my comment was obviously towards Swanky-D's initial comment. 'let the magic of the skirt down'<—if she kept the magic, she would've lost her personal style so she created a look that was magic for HER aesthetic.
    All you said was that she would never wear the skirt as presented which..I mean duh, yes I agree so my comment was not towards you. :)


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