Runway To “Hannah Montana: The Movie” London Premiere – Miley Cyrus In Herve Leger by Max Azria


My chin hit my keyboard when I saw Miley Cyrus wearing this silver Herve Leger by Max Azria Fall 2009 sparkling embellished mini dress with padded shoulders. She this dress to the premiere of Hannah Montana: The Movie in London tonight.

My head is saying it’s not quite age appropriate, but my heart loves it, and unlike the Madrid premiere she picked the right shoes by Sergio Rossi.

This was my favourite dress from that collection, and I’m just happy to see it on the red carpet, even if it’s worn by Miley.

This one will go to a vote, as I’m sure many of you want to debate this.

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34 thoughts on “Runway To “Hannah Montana: The Movie” London Premiere – Miley Cyrus In Herve Leger by Max Azria

  1. robbie

    im going to be predictable and say i dont think herve leger dresses are right for someone of her age. it is a gorgeous dress but saying that she does look nice. hate the hair.

    god that makes me sound so old saying someone of her age shouldnt wear it, especially when im only about 2 years older than her lol.

  2. Fashionista Chick

    This is interesting..I like that her Hair is tied up….The dress really fits het well & she is on trend with accentuated shoulder trend..MileY is PERFECT THIS TIME…

  3. Kris

    I think most of the time a Leger dress should not be anywhere near a teenager however…bitch works it. Haha, she looks really comfortable and content in this dress and it looks great on her. Nevertheless, I’m shocked that I like it.

  4. Vera

    I LOVE this Herve Leger collection. Even some people say it looks like Balman, it is very beautiful and very chic.

    Miley looks nice. I don’t think it’s any chance to ruin this dress;)

    Aren’t these shoes the same with Madrid’ ones?

  5. Fashionista Chick

    This is that one of the few times that I am actually liking Miley's updo..I like that the hair is tied up & the structure of the dress is seen..!!! she is on the accentuated shoulders trend..over all it is better to look at …

  6. Anissa

    I am loath to admit it, but she really looks good. One thing that puzzles me is her dress bunched/folded at the waist or is it different from the runway version where all the stripes are perfectly horizontal?

  7. Rachel

    Oh. My. God.
    My jaw deffinately hit the ground when I saw her. She looks so great!
    For once, Miley seemed really comfortable and confident about what she was wearing. Is she already up for Best Dressed, FC?

    xoxo Rachel

  8. Sydne

    I adore it on her. She’s going to dress older anyway, so at least she’s doing it in style. And she’s not showing cleavage. Def one of her best.

  9. Anonymous

    Hmmm… I think she looks great. She brings about a youthful and fun look to the dress. It’s a great look for her. In my opinion, I do not think she ruined it.

  10. zhaib18

    I like the dress but I think it would fit someone who is not 16 years old. That being said she does wear it well

  11. Rebecca

    It’s gorgeous, but I think it would work better if she was two years older. Someone like Vanessa Hudgens or one of the Gossip Girl kids would ROCK this.

  12. Rock*Star

    I agree that its not ageappropriate. But, come on, look at her. She looks fearless, confident and fashionable. Its so different from what she usualy wears.
    SO, yes, I love it!

  13. María P.

    Best dreesed of the week, pleeaseee!!!!
    Also she doesnt wear too much make-up, so she seems more fresh and “of-her-age”…!!!

  14. leleana

    I’m actually impressed with Miley. Usually, I really don’t like her style (the Madrid premiere especially), but she looks great here! It actually works pretty well, hair included.

  15. Ling

    Herve Leger does do some age-inappropriate dresses but this one probably isn’t one of them – it’s not too overly tight, not too revealing – if anything maybe it’s a little too short but when you’ve got legs to show off you might as well show them off! Still think the shoes are boring but at least they tone down the look a little. Like the hair and makeup too.

  16. Raquel

    What can I say? She rocks the dress and I think the structured sleeves make it a less sexy than the other models.

    Someone mentioned the Gossip Girl’s girls…well, Serena wear much more revealing outfits and as I said some time ago, TV shows and red carpets are what teens look for inspirations.

    This said I feel exactly like FC, but I have to wonder if this is not a carefully planned PR stunt, because every premiere she goes for a different approach (teen cutesy, boho vibe), maybe the idea is to show that Miley can incarnate different personas.

  17. Renee

    I like this dress alot. When I was 16 I wanted to wear lil body con dresses too so I cant get mad at her. And for once I can say I think she looks nice. The issue is that I don’t think its appropriate because younger girlslook up to Miley and this look isnt suitable for her to be a role model. My 13 yr old niece worships the ground she walks on and wants to be jsut like her ( i cant stand it). Miley should cover up more and keep the child-like innocence instead of tryna be a vamped sex kitten. and then she wonders why jamie foxx talked about her on his show..HELLO

  18. Tali

    I don’t why people think the dress is not age appropriate. It’s a very young dress, she’s what, sixteen? She looks great.

  19. mika

    she has amazing legs! i know she knows it because she loves wearing short dresses. i don’t think her outfit’s inappropriate. or maybe i’m just used to her wearing those kind of clothes. lol :)

  20. suzzee

    as a teen, it’s ok to show legs… but it’s never ok to show off cleavage – like her previous appearances

    the herve leger says less sexy, more edge ….and i think the idea works nicely for Miley

  21. zoe aka drinkupthefashion

    i think she looks absolutely AMAZING. THIS is definitely an acceptable entry for best dressed of the week.

  22. Sue Jin

    She looks great. I still can’t believe she’s only 16. She looks so much older.I’m jealous of her legs!

    For once I think she looks fabulous from head to toe.

  23. Gaber

    I don’t understand the fascination with looking “age appropriate”.
    What matter at the end of the day is if it looks good or not.
    And this does.

  24. whitestroke

    I’m not a fan. Those shoes are so boring with that kind of dress. If she decided to wear this, then she might as well go all the way and put on some edgy footwear. I don’t like the hair either. It’s pulled back for once, but it’s basically pretty much the way it is when it’s not. It doesn’t suit the look. Did she ever heard of putting the hair in a tight bun? That would look far better with this dress.

    I’m not big on Herve Leger, but I thought that collection was quite good. That wasn’t one of my fav dresses, though.

  25. Shelby

    She looks amazing! I love Miley’s style. She dresses like an average teenager! The only reason people complain about how she dresses is because she is a celeb. I would let wear this in a heartbeat.


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