Celebrities Love…Louis Vuitton Spicy Heels

This weekend, we had 3 more ladies join the ever growing list of celebrities wearing the Spicy heels from the Louis Vuitton Spring 2009 collection.

Beyonce wore the Spicy suede burgundy baby goat leather heels, whilst shopping in Soho, New York with her hubby Jay-Z.

Mischa wore her Spicy red python leather heels, with a check shirt, loose cropped pants, a Louis Vuitton Spring 2009 clutch and a LV gold buckle belt for a Herbal Essences photo call.

This is quite possibly the worst look on this page. Mischa has jumped on the bandwagon, without even contemplating whether this look works with her style.

Spanish actress Barbara Lennie wore the Spicy python leather heels with orange and dark wooden beads, to the Malaga Film Festival, with a dress from the same Spring 2009 collection.

LV campaign girl Madonna was the first to debut the heels on the red carpet, back in November last year.

Victoria Beckham said she will never be a Spice Girl again, but I bet she never realised she would be joining this group of Spice Girls.

Once Heidi Montage joins this group, we will officially know this trend has come to an abrupt end.

The heels range in price from $1540/£1,140 to $2778/£2,040 for the python heels.

Check for the different styles and prices.

I love ’em all.

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  • whitestroke

    My back and neck hurt just looking at Mischa. Unngh. o_O

  • zoe aka drinkupthefashion

    beyonce looks fab in this look.

  • SarahV

    …I like Mischa’s look better than Beyonce’s here, actually.

  • Fashion Critic

    Oh yes I did miss out Chloe. what a shame.

  • Payal

    LOL at the Heidi comment! Totally agreee!

  • eescorpius

    I actually think Mischa looks really Chic with it =S

  • Anonymous

    Ohh, you missed out when Chloe S. wore them with a LV skirt and top from the same collection on NYE- Now that for me embodied the perfect look for these shoes- worn quirkly with that sence of irony that Chloe does so well!

  • Fashion Critic

    I totally disagree.

    These heels are sexy and original.

    You are entitled to your opinion, but to say we only like these heels because x x and x has worn them is not true. Many of us have been in love with these heels since they were presented back in September last year.

    It’s interesting to see how each person has worn the heels in a good way: Victoria Beckham and Beyonce

    And in a bad way:

    Mischa Barton and Barbara Lennie.

  • Anonymous

    Ugly shoes! I don’t care who wears them or how much they cost. Let’s be honest. If these shoes were at Michael’s Arts and Crafts, we would not even have looked at them twice and not even for $19.99

  • Nik

    lol at the Posh spice, spice girl comment

    nice group to be in…even mischa as much as that smegma annoys me, she is a part of that fashion circle.

    sorry, that is the only fitting term i can describe her

    when I see her, her words from the OC days still echo “pretty people get discrminated against”

    yes, that is because pretty people who make stupid comments like that are incredibley annoying

  • Vera

    Mischa: if it was other shirt, it would look good.

    Nice shoes.

  • robbie

    shockingly enough i actually think beyonce and michelle wear these shoes amazingly.

    i would kill to own these shoes, but for a few reasons im not willing to buy them.

    1 – they are too trendy and will most likely die out soon.
    2 – for that price i could buy alteast 3 pairs of shoes on my wish-list.
    3 – the heel looks like a twig and i would be terrified to walk in them.
    4 – once heidi montag wears them it will ruin the sexy image of these shoes and she will make them look cheap, tacky and trashy. which mischa has slightly already made happen.

    on an off note FC do you know who made beyonces dress/tunis, its gorgeous.

    on another off note, mischa wth her posture looks terrible, my guess is in a few years she will have a terribly sore back.

  • Freida fan

    i love them too suprisingly.. expecially B’s! those are so cute.
    Why is Mischa Barton still around. seriously she doesnt do anything except show up with her bad fashion sense and pose for a few pictures. ugh
    haha love the heidi comment. i agree. please dont let her ruin them.

  • ym

    Aww… poor Heidi Montag. But it’s true though, every hot trend that has come into fashion, she’s been the last one. She’s that girl in high school where everyone suddenly exits the room once she enters.

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