Gossip Girl officially wrapped on Wednesday last week, and the stars were spotted leaving the set on a rainy evening in New York.

Penn Badgley did his best to keep his girlfriend Blake Lively dry, by holding her umbrella. What a gentleman.

You see she couldn’t hold the umbrella herself, as her hands were full with her shopping, her cute pooch, and her dazzling Marc Jacobs jeweled Stam Satchel.

The Stam bags have been around now, and they are so popular that you can’t tell the real ones from the fakes, but this is by far the most outstanding.

The bags quilts are covered in millions of sapphire blue Swarovski crystals, against dark blue suede. The bag has it’s traditional gold chain and snap closure.

Have this jewel sparkle on your arm, when you purchase it from eLuxury for $2,350.