Who Wore Gareth Pugh Better? Beyonce Knowles or Daphne Guinness

The world was in shock when Beyonce Knowles wore a not one, but two Gareth Pugh pieces to the MTV Europe Music Awards last November.

We were in shock that Beyonce would be aware of such an edgy designer, let alone wear his clothes because lets face it, at that point we were only used to seeing B in gorgeous flowing Lebanese designs or her mother’s vomit inducing pieces.

We weren’t so shocked when heiress Daphne Guinness wore Gareth Pugh to the Valentino: The Last Emperor New York premiere, because his Avant-garde pieces are very much what she wears day to day.

Despite that, I prefer the dress on Beyonce. Daphne’s black Azzedine Alaia belt, and the long-sleeve top, was overkill imo.

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  • snippet

    Daphne looks way too all-black… I actually expected you to totally hate on the tights like you always do… so I’m going to do it for you. Tights completely RUIN edgy pieces like this for me. Tights scream “safe and conservative” which this dress is not. I also don’t like Daphne’s shoe choice…. it just doesn’t do it for me. Like you said, the long-sleeved shirt makes no sense either. It’s in the same vein of ruining the look as the tights, but on a different set of limbs.

  • Tinsley

    Beyonce has no right to wear something as probably fashion forward as this. No matter how she tries she will never be considered fashionable and poised with good pedigree breeding.

  • robbie

    neither, on beyonce it looks tacky and cheap, but on daphne it just looks boring and dull.

  • rimini

    lol, i havent commented in a long time but i read everyday still FC, I see the leave a comment message has changed..

    Def Beyonce rawked this, the belt on Daphe is over kill..


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