On Stage At The 2009 Oscars

This is a post for those who sadly didn’t – and should have – walked the red carpet.

Reese Witherspoon wore a Rodarte Spring 2009 gown, which was an edgy change in direction for her.

I would have preferred her to wear the runway version, as it was more colourful, but I love the embellishments on this gown.

Nicole Kidman wore yet another L’Wren Scott Spring 2009 white gown. I now make this 6 pieces from that collection.

Unfortunately for Nicole, they all have a touch of de ja vu about them.

Halle Berry was surprising one of two celebrities to wear Marchesa last night.

I really expected to see many gowns from the Fall 2009 collection to end up on the red carpet.

Halle looked stunning wearing a strapless black and gold tulle gown from the Spring 2009 collection.

Tina Fey looked her best ever wearing a Zac Posen gown.


Runway To The 2009 Oscars - Jennifer Aniston In Valentino Couture

Runway To The 2009 Oscars – Jennifer Aniston In Valentino Couture

17th Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Oscar Party

17th Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Oscar Party

11 Responses to On Stage At The 2009 Oscars

  1. whitestroke February 28, 2009 at 17:46 #

    When Reese went out on the stage I started finding so many things wrong about it. Like, I don’t think she looks that good in it, and I’d prefer the way those dresses were on the runway: less bling, more color. Etc etc. But then the reality check hit me. Considering how disappointing red carpet was, that wasn’t THAT bad after all. I hope Anne was looking at her from the front row, thinking to herself “THAT’s the dress I should be wearing.”
    Nocole’s dress freaked me out. It makes her look like her twins are sporting eyelashes. Eeeek. Didn’t she catch upon the new L’Wren Scott collection, though? (I’m so sick of Spring 2009 by now.) It’s again very Amish, she won’t be disappointed.

    I want Tina Fey off this planet.

  2. Hoardmeister February 24, 2009 at 01:07 #

    This is a phenomenal site! And thank you for the props for Tina Fey. I haven’t made my best dressed list yet, but she is on it! More taste, individuality and elegance than 3/4s of the “movie stars”!

  3. Fashion Critic February 23, 2009 at 22:34 #

    I am glad you are enjoy my site. That makes me happy.

  4. Anonymous February 23, 2009 at 22:27 #

    Tina Fey looked absolutely gorgeous in that dress – her hair, make-up — everything was on point!!

    On a side note – I must say how much I LOVE this website. I have a new found love for fashion thanks to this GREAT blog! Thanks FC!!!

  5. FelipeA February 23, 2009 at 16:48 #

    I absolutelly love all of this dresses by themselves and for their wearers. I am sad to see Nicole wear another white dress by the same L’wren Scott collection. Couldn’t her dress be in the silver/golden color of the embroidery? Reese really makes up for the past few red carpets, but i wish she had worn the runway version, but i would like to change the white with orange in dress. I love Tina Fey and i love she finally found a feminine glamourous dress she’s comfortable with. Isn’t Halle’s he dress People chose for Angelina?

  6. Moi February 23, 2009 at 16:41 #

    I agree with Raquel. I would have liked to see more… originality. I like the detail on Nicole Kidman’s dress.

  7. ber February 23, 2009 at 15:55 #

    Like Jennifer Aniston, Tina Fey usually opts for a black dress, so I’m glad she went for a different look. I wanted to like Reese in that Rodate dress, but I don’t think she pulled it off. It’s too edgy for her.

  8. Raquel February 23, 2009 at 14:49 #

    I think that Reese’s dress is atrocious. I didn’t like that on the runway and I don’t like it on her. Seems to me that this particular piece would have worked better on someone taller and skinner.

    I have a déja vu feeling about all of them, but I really like Tina, she is getting more sexy on the red carpet.

  9. Leti February 23, 2009 at 13:14 #

    As redundant as it may be, I have to say that this was certainly my favorite L’Wren Scott on Nicole. The other ladies looked great. Reese’s dress looks a lot better panned out. I didn’t think it looked so great in a headshot.

  10. Anonymous February 23, 2009 at 11:29 #

    I like most of these dresses but I miss my stand out Oscar Fashion!!!
    I miss Charlize Theron or Renee Zellweger,They always do something stand out but classy stand out…not Pamela Anderson stand out!

  11. nicole February 23, 2009 at 10:12 #

    Halle and Tina look great! The Zac Posen is definitely her best look i can remember and the Marchesa fits Halle really well. (ps: the man candy on her arm is drool worthy haha)

    Prefered the runway version of Reese’s dress too. this one looked very promesque to me.


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