In Jennifer Connelly’s Closet – Balmain Crystal Studded Heels

If you are anything like me, you would have not only been drooling over Jennifer Connelly Balmain dress, at the He’s Just Not That Into You LA premiere, but also her Balmain Crystal embellished studded sandals.

These heels are an investment piece. You’ll be able to wear them this Spring, Fall and beyond.

They are so incredibly eye-catching, that you will no doubt be asked, “Where did you get your shoes from?”, when you step out in them.

Jennifer has a pair, Carine Roitfeld no doubt has a pair, and you can also own them by purchasing them from Net-A-Porter for £1,370.

Luisaviaroma offer free shipping to the US, Canada and Europe.


16 thoughts on “In Jennifer Connelly’s Closet – Balmain Crystal Studded Heels

  1. Crazy/Beautiful

    I have been drooling over those crystal studded sandals since they were first worn by Gemma Arterton (Quantum of Solace,London premiere)

    and the drooling continues…. :(

    unless of course,I can trick a certain somebody into buying me a pair. Hmmm.. :P

  2. robbie

    these are nice, added to my extra long list of shoes i want.

    is it normal to have a long list of shoes? lol but damn adding these now makes my list 71 pairs of shoes i want lol.

  3. Anne

    *drools drools drools* :P

    But on the other hand I think I would be paranoid of getting assaulted wearing shoes like that in the public!

  4. Lisa

    I already bought the pair at Zara
    they’re seriously a VERY good copy
    they just don’t have a thong toe (which i imagine hurts after a while anyway)
    and they’ve got one row of diamonds less around the ankle
    but they’re equally as awesome and make the same impact
    as i was trying them on in the store, other shoppers were just stopping to look at my feet! lol
    they were only $170 canadian

  5. Lily

    I am really excited to see more fashion from Jennifer. This should be a big year for her, she and her husband have several movies coming out, one being the Charles Darwin film Creation that they costar in. There is already Oscar buzz surrounding the film so hopefully we will see some awesome red carpet looks from her this time next year!


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