Yesterday Freida Pinto was spotted leaving the Oscar de la Renta store in New York. She was with her stylish George Kotsiopoulos, who was carrying the distinctive blue and white Oscar de la Renta garment cover, with what looks like many gowns.

The BAFTA Awards take place this Sunday, were Slumdog Millionaire is up for Best Film, Best British Film, and Freida is up for Best Supporting Actress.

Here are my picks for her gowns. The top row is from the Spring 2009 collection, and the bottom the 2009 Pre-Fall collections.

I wouldn’t normally advocate a re-run, but Barbara Bush’s gown was not worn to a high profile event, and it would be perfect on Freida.

You will notice that their are no puffy Oscar de la Renta ballgowns on this wish list. That’s because Freida has such a tiny frame, that I feel a ballgown will engulf her.

Besides that, a ballgown would be better suited to a sun shiny Californian day at the Oscars, than what will no doubt be, a cold and rainy evening in London at the BAFTAs.

What would be your picks?

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