Runway To "Valkyrie" Berlin Premiere – Katie Holmes In Escada

For a while I hadn’t been Katie Holmes’ biggest supporter on the red carpet. She had an amazing early 2008, then by the time she hit Broadway, she kinda lost her spark for me.

Well tonight at the Berlin Valkyrie premiere, we got to see Katie Holmes strike gold in this stunning Escada Pre-Fall 2009 black gown.

The black jersey v-neck gown with Indian hand embroidered detail, made her look extremely elegant. I know a lot of you think I am all about the bling bling dresses, but when I do appreciate a simple gown with exquisite embellishments.

The actress sported a new curly do, and it was good to see that smirk back on her face.

She completed her look with Christian Louboutin heels.

Simply gorgeous.

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12 thoughts on “Runway To "Valkyrie" Berlin Premiere – Katie Holmes In Escada

  1. robbie

    FINALLY, she is back to get best, but i wont keep my hopes up for long, it wont be long til she gets back to her old style.

  2. Anonymous

    Stunning indeed! And she finally learned how to pose. Whenever she posed with Tom before she always had some weird poses not to look higher than him. Luckily those days are clearly over.



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