In Eva Longoria Parker’s Closet – Karen Millen Fringe Dress

Eva Longoria Parker is fast becoming the unofficial face of Karen Millen, as this is the third time in a row that the actress has worn a dress from the British high street brand on the red carpet.

The official face of the brand is “model” Daisy Lowe.

On New Year’s Eve, a longer haired Eva, held a party at her Beso restaurant in LA wearing a black fringed Karen Millen dress, which had a sheer yoke. She wore her dress with black YSL Trib Two patent heels, and a black clutch.

The dress is currently sold out on Karen Millen’s website, but you may still be able to find some in-stores.

Update: The dress is now back in stock, and available to purchase from for £85.


12 thoughts on “In Eva Longoria Parker’s Closet – Karen Millen Fringe Dress

  1. Anonymous

    Fashion critic you are too funny,did you put ‘model’ in quotation marks because you dont view Daisy as one? I don’t either she’s awful!

    1. kimmy

      I also saw Eva wearing a Karen Millen dress on desperate housewives recently, it looked hot on her… Wish I had bought it,… Tailored black dress with grey detail and zips on waist…

  2. robbie

    oh damn i saw this dress about 2 weeks ago, when i went past the karen millen store, it looked gorgeous, i was desperate to try it on, but was far too embarressed.

  3. Fashion Critic


    Oh yes ;)

    that is exactly the reason why. How dare she call herself a model.

    If she is a model then Gisele, Naomi and Kate need to rename what they do profession.

  4. Leo

    It almost looks cute.
    The dress is just like Eva, she almost looks good, almost is funny, almost can act.

  5. Anonymous

    don't be a hater FC. We should be supporting girls with T & A and healthy figures getting contracts….any working model in the whole world would kill to get the marc by marc jacobs contract aswell which she's going to be doing this year.

  6. Fashion Critic

    I am far from being a hater.

    This girl is a model just because of her mother and father and lack of any kind of talent.

    Her size and weight has nothing to do with it.

    I am all for a healthy figured models in the industry, but I hate the Brit Pack of Geldof’s and Lowe, just talentless airheads.

  7. ~*juDee*~

    fashion critic, i whole-heartedley agree!! im sooooo not a fan of the kids who are famous just because their parents are famous/have money….soooo over it!

  8. robbie

    okay so today i went by karen millen again, decided to try the dress on, seriously perfect! if i had the money i would have bought it then and there.


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