2008 BAFTA Awards

Kate Hudson was by far the best dressed at the BAFTA Awards tonight in this gold metallic Christian Dior gown. It was even better in real life.

Followed closely by Keira Knightley in Valentino Spring 2008 Couture, which is surprising considering she is the face of Chanel.

She will definitely win the Best Female Actress Award, so I would have thought she would have worn Chanel. Just goes to prove you just can’t always predict these things.

I must say I was very surprised that Emily Blunt chose this turquoise sequined Marc Bouwer Spring 2008 one-shouldered gown.

Although it is stunning and fits her body like a glove, I would have expected her to have worn a bigger name designer.

Thandie Newton is a sheer knockout in this black satin Alexander McQueen Spring 2008 asymmetric fuschia accented gown.

I am not a fan of lace, and I would have preferred if this dress was without it, but Thandie makes it work.

I admire Tilda Swinton for taking on this Christian Dior Spring 2008 Couture dress, but unfortunately for her, the dress wore her.

The dress had too much going on at the back, that it made her look like a ninja turtle with a shell or back-pack on her back.

There were better dresses from this collection she could have chosen.

Sienna Miller surprisingly went for a plain black dress from Christian Dior Spring 2008 collection.

I loved the detail on the back of this dress.

Poor Sienna, she would not have known as she tried her dress on, that with the fierce paparazzi flashes would expose her the fact that she did not wear any underwear.

French actress Marion Cotillard should have a contract with Chanel, because she wears their clothes so well.

Here she is wearing a sequined Chanel Fall 2007 Couture mini dress with an attached cape.

What a boring suck ass dress.

This is Dior and you would not believe it as Galliano is know for making dramatic, interesting dresses but on Jessica Biel, BORING.

Eva Green is also wearing a black Dior Spring 2008 gown, but with much more style and grace.

This RM by Roland Mouret Spring 2008 dress that Rosamund Pike is wearing, is not really a red carpet dress.

This is something I would wear to a meeting or on a date, but definitely not on the red carpet as gorgeous as it is.

This is a stunning turquoise Escada Spring 2008 dress on Naomi Harris, I just hate her hairstyle.

I am in pure lust with UK TV presenter Myleene Klass’ satin lavender dress.

Girlfriend sure knows how to show off her dress to maximum effect.


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7 Responses to 2008 BAFTA Awards

  1. Bonanza February 16, 2008 at 00:11 #

    I adore Thandie’s dress. I am a fan of lace 🙂 She always dresses so elegantly – divine. And her hair is amazing too, and an excellent actress on top of her natural beauty.

  2. Montana February 13, 2008 at 03:04 #

    Fashion Critic, were you actually at the awards?
    Sienna’s hair and make-up is stunning. Complete glamour. As for Jessica Biel having worst hair, Nelly Furtado looks even worse than Jessica as a blonde. I love Nelly, but I wish she would go back to being a brunette.

  3. electra February 11, 2008 at 19:13 #

    Anonymus, i agree with you on Keira. Eat a sandwich!

    Kate Hudson looks gorgeous!

    Jessica Biel has my vote for the worst hair in 2008 so far. Sweetie, you’re so hot, but blonde doesn’t suit you!

  4. Anonymous February 11, 2008 at 13:33 #

    Keira Knightley has to be the most hideous excuse for a woman.
    She couldn’t fill a dress in the right places to save her life.
    The dresses just hang limply from her, I can’t see how anyone finds that attractive.

  5. cassandra February 11, 2008 at 11:40 #

    Wow, what a beautiful line-up. Personally, Marion would get my vote for best dressed – she looks really magical, it’s so great to see a woman who really appreciates design and isn’t afraid to dress outside the box – followed by
    Keira. Her dress isn’t really anything too spectacular, but she wears it so well and really looks gorgeous. Kate looks lovely too and the gown certainly is stunning, but I feel like I’ve seen that look on her too many times.

    Worst dressed? Gah, Jessica Biel always looks SO frumpy and boring. You know she would have worn sweats and a tshirt to the BAFTAS if she could have.

  6. Andrew February 11, 2008 at 07:34 #

    why does kate hudson even go to these acting awards shows? she’s an awful actress and hasn’t had a good movie since … ever!
    i wouldn’t show my face in public after her last two atrocities – you me and dupree and fool’s gold

    i want to throw up when i think of her and her dumb monkey ears. yuck.


  7. jakjak February 11, 2008 at 04:13 #

    Eva Green looks absolutely divine! Such style and individuality. What is going on with Kate Hudsons hair, she seems to be having a bad hair month.

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